March 22, 2023

Your Guide to Becoming a Firefighter in Australia 

Every year, there are many applicants for the position of firefighter/fireman. Approximately 20 applicants apply for one job post, and the chances of a profile getting shortlisted are close to 5% on average. The process of NSW fire recruitment in Australia will commence in July 2022 and is not one of the most accessible recruitment processes that you can easily clear. You need to go through some training and need some expert tips to increase the chances of your application getting shortlisted in the process. 

Your Guide to Becoming a Firefighter in Australia

So, here in this post, you have got everything covered to help you secure your fire recruitment application for New South Wales. There is detailed information about how you can get through the recruitment test and some tips on preparing for your interview. So let’s get started. 

What Are the Roles and Responsibilities of a Firefighter?

In Australia, there are three different ways in which fire services are viewed. The biggest mistake that an applicant makes is not understanding these differences and looking at the job role in a general way. To know the differences, you first need to know the three different fire services in the country. 

  1. Rural and volunteer services
  2. Government land: Salaried and volunteer services
  3. Urban and salaried services

The role of a firefighter is not just to fight the fire, but it is also all about receiving and giving the training to spread awareness further about fire safety. Every fire safety organisation or group has to deal with various projects, so they have different ways to tackle them. As an individual, you have to decide and consider whether you would prefer working in urban or rural landscapes. 

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The roles and responsibilities of an Australian firefighter will include the following: 

  • Inspecting buildings to check whether the fire safety protocol is followed and to give their official approval. 
  • Firefighters are assigned to rescue people from auto accidents or marine accidents.
  • If there is a disaster/emergency, the firefighter will have to rush to help people promptly

How to Prepare for Fire Service Recruitment

To get through the recruitment process, you will need to clear a test. But before appearing for the examination, you need intense preparation that will help you clear the process. The fire and rescue test will have multiple phases that you will have to pass to get through the recruitment process.

The first phase will include a cognitive test that will have three types of questions. You will have to attempt numeric cognitive questions, abstract reasoning cognitive questions, and verbal cognitive questions. Each of these will have a specified time limit in which you will get a chance to attempt as many questions as you can. Therefore, time management is one of the most critical things you need to prepare yourself to clear a competitive test. 

There will also be a work safety personality test that will analyse your violent behaviour and aggressive nature, emotional resilience, alertness, personal accountability, obedience, and risk avoidance aptitude. 

Apart from this, another phase called the emotional intelligence test will check your emotional reasoning. To understand how to prepare for these challenging recruitment tests, you can seek help from experts or look for guides/books. Experts who have been offering their services as firefighters in Australia will be able to guide you in the best possible way. So, choose a suitable platform to seek assistance for preparing and qualifying in the test for fire recruitment in Australia.  

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