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Valorant: 7 Tips for Playing as Yoru

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Yoru remains the biggest monster in stealth. Valorant is an interesting first-person shooter game that is highly popular worldwide. If you want to play as Yoru, you need to knack with aggression and speed by utilizing all teleportation abilities with offensive approaches.

On the other hand, the Yoru can remain active and engaged with the hit unrealistic set-ups and use different tactics. However, even after the accessible toolkit, it can take time to master the Yoru as a beginner. Luckily, the tips help in scoring higher in the game.

But as such, Yoru’s tool kit doesn’t rely entirely on deception and becomes the most predictable outright. With these teleportation abilities, the enemies can see the Yoru’s plays quickly. However, the players do not need to teleport straight into the base of the enemies. Instead, it’s better to use the Yoru plays kit to assist the entire team and defend it.

Here are seven best tips to play as the Yoru in the Valorant.

1. Make the best use of The Fakeout for The Defuse

Making the best use of the Fakeout for the heated moment and excellent set up of the Fakeout is helpful for the defuse. The situations. The team heads for the defuse by utilizing the Fakeout. You may be looking deliberately at the Fakeout near the walls.

But this way, you are using the opposing team that will likely rush for the defense, and others become less defending. Theoretically, Yoru’s team gets enough time by utilizing the Fakeout to catch all the defenders and try to Fakeout.

2. Blindside Converts to be a Handy Flashbang

At the Blindside, functions work like the flashbang with an exciting twist. The Blindside will help to trigger upon the hard surface hitting. If it happens, the flash will last more than 1.5 seconds before its restoration; the vision.

The Blindside is the strongest flashbang in the game. However, irrespective of the potential, the Valorant player needs to consider all kinds of distractions. And in the engagements, the Yoru will easily bounce off walls too often to distract the enemies and provide enough time for the players to finish the game.

3. The Angle of Teleportation Matters

As Yoru, you must put the teleportation at an angle parallel to the teleportation spot. In this way, the player would not waste time turning around easily choosing the teleportation sport before running away. Always use the Gatecrash that produces the sound cue.

This is one of the trusted Valorant hacks. Even if the Yoru escapes from the place, the split-second has turned around and given the opponents enough time to chase them.

Instead, Yoru must be accessed from the right angles, and the exact location will be placed near the Gatecrash. This is advisable to avoid the walls from where the enemies can easily pass through.

4. Gatecrash Is Flashy Gamechanger

The Yoru typically relies on the Gatecrash and his ability of the signaturing. Yoru’s can send the entire rift in the place and the forward direction. When it gets activated, the teleports of Yoru are sent to the locations where the rope was initially sent.

Gatecrash is an excellent way to smash all the enemies near the point of the spawn. However, the flashy trigger sound of the Gatecrash will tell the team of the enemies about where the Yoru is. In this way, the Yoru are able to use the Gatecrash in deceiving ways.

5. Dimensional Drift Will Exploits on The Stealth

The Yoru ultimate ability will be boosted with the dimensional drift. You will wear the iconic mask and send the dimensions. When your mask is on, the enemies are not able to see easily and affect the Yoru. You will get close enough to Yoru’s footsteps.

At this core, Yoru’s partial invulnerability will help the player bypass the obstacles such as Sova’s gadgets and Cypher. The dimensional rift can also be helpful for the Yoru to spoil the enemies push down the dropping behind them.

6. Get the Mistrustful of the Fakeout for Distractions

Yoru with the Fakeout can easily deploy the echo that can mimic the footsteps. Fakeout messes with the sound mechanics core in the game. The well-placed Fakeout can lure opponents into the flanks and create a fake rush for the team’s advantage.

7. Go for the Reactive Playstyles

Despite the temptation for the long-term setup. The Yoru’s kit has proven to be extremely deadly when utilized to the fullest and heated confrontations. Players can easily spot Yoru, who is luring them and trapping them. This way, they are expecting to push down.


The Yoru dropping the teleport can be easily caught by the enemies off-guard. This, in turn, doesn’t give enough time to process the counterattack. The players need to focus on the disruption tactics. This will include the nimble effect of never staying in a single location.

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