March 23, 2023

Unlock And Protect Your PDF Files Using PDFBear’s Online Tool

There are many available tools that will offer users tools for their PDF formats and PDF files. Some of those sites are not easy to use, and most are not safe for your PDF files. You must be sure of what tool to choose because many hackers online, and your files can be corrupted. Most people nowadays put and save all of their files online.

Somehow, some websites will give users 100 percent security, but they will not show you the highest quality of your files. PDFBear is the website that will provide users with 100 percent safety and will give users the best quality that they could offer. This tool is one of the famous tools that are available online for converting or protecting files.

The PDFBear Website

PDFBear online tool is one of the most accessible and comforting websites regarding PDF tools. It consists of various tools that will help users with their tasks about PDF files and documents. When they use this website, they can convert any files like PPT to PDF, Word, Excel, JPF, HTML, and vice-versa.

Aside from converting files, the website will also give users other tools to protect PDF, where they can make or set a passcode for their files, PDF compress, PDF unlocks, merge, edit, split, and many more. This tool is accessible in any operating system and can also be accessed on tablets and smartphones or any device they want to use.

This webpage will offer users a free trial for 10-14 days when they have already registered. They can also access all the various tools for free without charges for fourteen days. After the trial is finished, they can now register their accounts to the Pro membership to pay monthly and annually. 

The monthly payment is 5.99 dollars, and if you want the whole package of the PDFbear for a year, you have to pay 59.99 dollars. PDFBear is a safe website where users can upload all of their files without harming their PDF files. The system will automatically delete all of the files when the process is done after an hour.

The Protect PDF Tool

Most of the user’s files are confidential because of the data, topics, and information inside. That’s why most users prefer to keep their files private so that no one can access them. Users don’t need to stress themselves if they use this tool. It will give them a safe conversion process that will protect all of their PDF files and documents.

The first step in protecting a file using the PDFBear is to upload the PDF file and put it inside the provided space. You can see it in the center of the page. When the files have been uploaded to dropbox completely, they need to put the asked password. They must follow all the instructions for a more straightforward transaction.

The password must be a number, sign, and a capital letter. After putting in the password, users must click the encryption button for the file to be completed. The new protected file can be downloaded to your chosen device. If you are looking for the best tool online to protect all of your files, choose PDFBear online tool because it has all the things you need for conversion and saving files.

Unlock PDF Tool

If the users’ protected files need to be revised or edited and it is tough to put the password in editing the files, they must choose a button in the middle and attach the files they want to unlock. After that, you can now upload the files and put the password to start the process. Click the unlock PDF to Remove the password, and it will decrypt all of the files right away.

PDF Reader Tool

There are many times that users need to access their PDF files on their tablet or smartphones, especially when you have important stuff to do. Users don’t need to download an app because it has a reader to open and access the file on any device. Users can now read, open, and edit any files that they want. 


If you are looking for the best available tool, PDFBear is the best website for all of your conversion tools, especially when protecting the safety of the file. They will also assist users in anything they need to have a hassle-free experience during the process. This tool is very convenient and accessible to use, unlike any other converter tool online. Make sure to check out the website today and try over 20 features for free!

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