March 23, 2023

Safety First: How to Unlock and Lock Your PDFs With PDFBear

In this digital age, most people’s records and personal documents are in electronic file format as they offer better convenience in almost all aspects. You can save, edit, and transmit your documents within seconds with the internet and file formats we have nowadays. However, the problem lies when you have sneaky competitors who try to penetrate your files. 

Applying more robust security to your confidential files is somewhat challenging when you do not acquire the appropriate set of tools. Provided that most files are best when in the portable document format, we will learn how to manage them more efficiently. We will uncover how to unlock and lock them using the online PDF tool, PDFBear. 

Choosing a Safe and Reliable Web-Based PDF Tool

Before we learn how to lock and unlock PDF files, we will first talk about why we need to choose PDFBear on top of other web-based converter tools. Although there are various PDF tools you can choose from online, PDFBear is well-known to be safe and reliable as it collaborates with Solid Documents. PDFBear’s privacy policy is considered to be of excellent standards. 

The files you upload and process on this web-based PDF instrument are rest assured safe and secured. Aside from its secure SSL connection, your uploaded documents are permanently removed from the system within a 1-hour interval. Thus, any unwanted, sneaky user who tries to steal your confidential records will not be able to perform such action. 

Unlock Your Encrypted PDFs

Unlocking encrypted PDFs is pretty elementary when you have tools like PDFBear. Unlike the conventional ways of unlocking, you do not have to download and install Adobe programs and pay a certain amount. You can unlock your PDFs quickly for free! Just prepare your locked PDF file, good internet connection, and any type of device that supports PDF. 

Most devices support PDFs these days. Therefore, you can perform these tasks even on your mobile phone! Another good thing about PDF is that it can work with any operating system. Whether you are working on your iOS, Windows, or Android system, you can operate your PDFs through PDFBear right away. 

To unlock your PDF, you can start by opening your most comfortable search engine and proceed to the PDFBear home page. Tap the “Unlock PDF” button and upload your encrypted PDF. Input the file’s password and then tap “Decrypt PDF,” and you are done! Start saving your freshly decrypted PDF and view its content anytime and anywhere. 

Lock Your PDFs With Passwords

Since PDFBear allows you to decrypt your locked PDFs, of course, it can also lock your PDFs with passwords or passcodes. Although passcodes can still work, PDFBear will suggest you provide a mixture of characters, capital letters, numerals, and symbols to compose a more strengthened password. This precaution will prevent talented competitors from gaining access.  

Again, you can use any search engine you find comfortable using and then proceed to the PDFBear main page. Tap on the “Protect PDF” and upload the file you need to password-protect. Input your most preferred password and take advantage of PDFBear’s 256-bit encryption protocol and save your freshly encrypted PDF!  

More PDFBear Tools You Must Know About

With PDFBear, the safety and security of your confidential records are of top priority. So whether you only need to lock and unlock your PDFs, you need not worry as your files are indeed kept safe. However, there are more tools you must know for you to utilize your electronic files further! 

For large PDFs, you can reduce them to their least possible size by using the PDF compressor. You can also organize your PDFs better by using the split and merge PDF tools. If you have PDFs positioned wrongly, you can use the rotate PDF function online using this same PDFBear tool! 

Your Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, and Excel spreadsheets can be converted to PDF using this free online PDF converter. The best part is you can convert your files the other way around! So if you need to make drastic modifications to your PDF’s contents, you now know where to go. Check out the PDFBear home page and see more tools you can use! 


Provided how competitive the corporate world has become, we have to be more vigilant in protecting our confidential documents. Given that the current workflow trend has become more fast-paced than before, we must learn to navigate and optimize these web-based instruments for our electronic files. PDFBear is one of the best picks for these tasks!

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