March 22, 2023

Sydney Sneakers at a glance

The purpose of shoes in the early days used to be to protect the human foot. But today, they are being used as a product to provide comfort and decoration. It has become a crucial part of the fashion culture. Now, there exist a wide variety of shoe types like formal, casual, boots, etc. But one type which has gained a lot of popularity is Sneakers. They are also referred to as running shoes. Australia has the biggest marketplace for sneakers. One can easily find those rare sneakers in Sydney. However, most retail shops provide their services all over Australia, and people can sit back at home and order their favourite sneakers easily.

History of Sneakers

The origination of the word “sneakers” is often credited to Henry Nelson McKinney. He used the term for advertising a shoe product in 1917 that had a soft sole. It did not make a sound while walking, unlike the other standard shoes with a rigid leather sole. But according to the article in NY Times, the fact is it was first referenced in 1887 in an article of “The Boston Journal of Education”. They referred to sneakers as the name for tennis shoes for boys. One can easily understand this because they are referred to as tennis shoes here in Australia. Although in modern times, sneakers are mostly called by their brand names. They are also referred to as sports shoes, gym boots, training shoes, and joggers.

Types of Sneakers

All leading stores of Australia provide rare sneakers in Sydney and many other states. One can easily find sneakers for men, women, or even unisex that fit everyone regardless of gender. Sneakers can be easily found from top brands like Adidas, Nike, Lacoste, and many more. Apart from that, there exist quite different types of sneakers in the market. People can choose the type according to their needs.

  • High-tops: These types of sneakers are high so that they can cover the ankles. People might have noticed that they are used by basketball players in most cases.
  • Low-tops: They are also called oxfords. They are not as high as the high-tops and thus do not cover the ankles. They are essentially used for athletics and casual wear based on their design and choice.
  • Mid-cut sneakers: These types of speakers lie between the high-tops and low-tops. They are not too high and not too low. They can be used as casual wear. It serves a good purpose for people looking for sneakers that feel the other two varieties do not suit them.
  • Sneaker boots: They can be considered as a combination of boots and sneakers. They are even higher than the high-tops and extend till calf like the standard boots. The sole is made of soft rubber that resembles the sneakers. They also come as a waterproof version which protects the foot from being wet.
  • Slip-Ons: These are a little different type of sneakers. They resemble low-tops and thus do not cover ankles. But the main difference is that these sneakers are free of laces. It means the wearer will not have to worry about tying laces every time they wear them. The top part is made up of stretchable material so that it can be worn with ease.
  • CVO: It can be abbreviated as Circular Vamp Oxford. As the name suggests, the vamp of the shoes is shaped circular. They come in low-tops and high-tops varieties with similar features but including the circular vamp. Another main difference is the inclusion of eyelets on the vamp.

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