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Top High PR Search Engine Submission Site List 2020 Updated

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Top High PR Search Engine Submission Site List

Search Engine Submission sites: We know that organic traffic is most important for any site or blog and the main source of organic traffic is search engine (Like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc).Below you can find list of search engine submission sites list.

In this article, I’m going to sharing with you High DA Search Engine Submission Sites List to enable bloggers to submit their Blog or website URL. We know that Google is the most popular Search Engine in the World and almost 90% of people using this for searching anything but as a blog or website owner other search engine also important for submitting site or blogs URL because it would give you quality backlinks and boost you ranking on Google also you will get some organic traffic from that search engine.

What is search engine submission sites?

Search engine submission is the most effective process of website promotion. It refers to directory submission of a site to the search engine. It is the form of Internet Marketing that helps any site owner to increase website ranking on any search engine.

These are two terms (Crawling and Indexing) to understanding which are important for web search before providing the Search Engine Submission sites list.


When we submit our website on search engine then search engine use their spider or crawler to crawl our website. First search engine crawls one page then start crawling each and every web page through linked to those. So, it’s important to update your sitemap.


Normally, Search Engines will automatically crawl and index your website. But If your website is not crawled or indexed by them because of any reason, then there is no other option left than submitting your website to these search engines.

Generally, Search Engine spider or crawler will automatically crawl and index your site but if your website is not crawled or indexed by the search engine of any reason. Then your blog or website can’t get ranking so search engine listing or submission is most important for organic traffic to blog or website.

List of Search Engine Submission Sites

1. https://www.google.com/webmastertools/submit-url
2. http://www.bing.com/toolbox/submit-site-url
3. http://ziyuan.baidu.com/linksubmit/url
4. http://search.yahoo.com/info/submit.html
5. http://webmaster.yandex.com/site/indexing/reindex
6. http://www.freewebsubmission.com
7. http://amfibi.com/add
8. http://official.my/addurl.php
9. http://www.activesearchresults.com/addwebsite.php
10. http://www.infotiger.com/addurl.html
11. http://www.jayde.com/submit.html
12. http://www.whatuseek.com/
13. http://www.anoox.com/
14. http://search.sonicrun.com/freelisting

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