March 22, 2023

Repair “Bootrec/Fixboot access is denied” with AOMEI in 6 Steps

In an attempt to fix a Windows boot error, you may expose yourself to a new one-Bootrec/Fixboot access denial error. Too common to ignore, we got to discuss how one is supposed to react if this particular message appears in the booting process. 

It holds the potential to cease an entire activity being held, which we’d never want our readers to experience. That being said, we’ve devised a whole strategy to adopt if you come across this sort of error.

An easy-to-follow guide for a layman is briefed succinctly and explicitly for anyone who wants to know how to fix “Bootrec/Fixboot access is denied” on 

Let’s see how should we go about it, 

Note: This method involves the rebuilding of MBR using software (AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard).

Step 1: 

MBR can be rebuilt manually via Command Prompt. But as stated above, it’s about utilizing the freeware to perform the same task. 

The first thing to take into account is the download part. Head on to any website and install AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard.

Further steps would be enacted on this particular piece.

Step 2: 

The idea behind the installation is to create a bootable drive, and this would then be used to rebuilt MBR.

  • Click on “Create Bootable Media” in the left corner of the interface. 
  • Select Next” to proceed further. 

Choose the “USB Boot Device” option to continue.

Note: Before you turn your USB device into a bootable drive, make sure you don’t have any files saved in there. If you do, consider transferring the file to another folder on your PC/Laptop. Or, if it’s something that doesn’t hold much significance, then feel free to proceed the way you want to.

Step 3: 

After you’ve created a bootable USB drive, now is the time to process the boot for your computer/laptop system. Once done, it will open you to the interface of the installed software (AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard). 

Step 4:

 With the open UI, execute the instructions enlisted below,

  • Right-click to open a list of options
  • Choose “Surface Test” from the list.

This feature is responsible for filtering out any possible errors in your hard drive. A test is run for your selected Bootable drive. The algorithms are run by the software that disseminates a message to a computer if an error is diagnosed or fixed altogether. 

Step 5: 

Once you’re sure that there isn’t a problem with the drive, it’s time to hop on to the next step. As said earlier, this could be performed via command prompt with a command, but here we’re using AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard to rebuild the MBR (Master Boot Recording)

  • Right-click to select from the list of available options.
  • Select “Rebuild MBR
  • It may take some time, so wait until it’s done.

That’s all you had to do to fix your boot issue.

Step 6: 

Most probably, the error would be resolved until now. To gear up the things, you’re suggested to restart the PC/Laptop. 

If it had anything to do with MBR, it’s sure to be repaired. 


With the illustrations in the forms of images attached, we believe it’s the most effective way to circulate the concept of dealing with the “Bootrec/Fixboot access is denied” error. 

The entire process may consume hardly 20 minutes of your day, but the liberation it would offer from the frustration of missing out on the deadlines for your tasks is immense.

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