March 22, 2023

National Video Game Day: Strong Female Characters Who Break Stereotypes In Gaming

There are lots of video games like UFACAM เว็บตรง UFABET that can keep gamers occupied for hours on end. But video games are frequently criticised for being too harsh, and certain political figures do not hold back when linking playing video games to highly violent acts.

Video games appear to be made by men, for men, and from men’s perspectives. Because “girls care more about self-care, social contacts, and chores,” they are frequently perceived as a masculine pastime. Boys can play video games more often as a result. Video games must therefore appeal to guys first.

Additionally, men make up the bulk of workers in this field, and not many women work on the creation of video games. Because there isn’t enough variety in the creative process, women’s roles are portrayed negatively and stereotypically. In spite of this, as video games have been advancing rapidly, more and more powerful female characters have been found in them.

Eivor – Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

In the Assassin’s Creed game set in the Norwegian setting of Valhalla, in the year 873 CE, a Viking clan that was under Eivor, also known as Wolf-Kissed, and her brother Sigurd intended to cross into the Anglo-Saxon England and establish new settlements. Eivor is in charge of the clan’s expansion across Europe and the forging of agreements with other kings.

The chieftain who travels throughout England and guides her Viking tribe in combat and raids manages to be both compassionate and kind.

The player can select whether to play a male or female version of the character in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. The female Eivor is the canonical main character even though the gender of the character gender can be changed.

Depending on the character customization choices made by the player, Eivor has two voices. Notably, the female Eivor’s speech is raw and gruff while the male Eivor’s voice is sweet and soothing, which flips the players’ expectations.

Bea Santello – Night In The Woods

A zoomorphic animal-populated tiny hamlet called Possum Springs serves as the setting for the exploration game Night in the Woods. Even though Mae Borowski is the major character, Beatrice Santello, often known as Bea, caught the attention of both players and critics.

After her mother passed away and Bea was forced to start working rather than enrolling in college, the goth crocodile developed a jaded outlook.

Their divergent worldviews are the cause of Bea and Mae’s troubled friendship. Bea became weary and impatient with the monotony in her life, yet despite being overburdened with her own problems, she still finds time to assist her friends.

Chell – Portal

The series’ mute lead character is named Chell. A hostile artificial intelligence named GLaDOS tries to sabotage her while simultaneously fat-shaming and tormenting her as she is made to go through a series of tests in a science lab.

Players have applauded Chell for having the appearance of an ordinary lady as opposed to wearing scant clothing, despite the fact that she is a silent heroine and without any dialogue.

A humorous element of the game, especially for female players who can completely relate to Chell’s (non)response, is her failure to respond to GLaDOS despite the artificial intelligence making antagonistic remarks at her.

Reyna – Valorant

Players can select from a wide variety of characters in the cooperative first-person shooting game Valorant, which has no set plot. Fans are nevertheless drawn to the lore and characters in the tactical shooting game even if there is no narrative.

Reyna’s troubled background is revealed to us through the game’s narrative regarding the people and surroundings as well as character voice lines. She is shown as someone who has a pessimistic outlook of the world yet nevertheless works to save it from evil powers.

Reyna’s character manages to keep us rooting for her despite the fact that there isn’t much of a plot and she only has a few voice lines to work with.

Lara Croft – Tomb Raider

When Lara Croft made her debut in the 1996 computer game Tomb Raider, she instantly became a cultural figure and was viewed as a sex symbol. In pursuit of missing artefacts, the archaeologist explores tombs and ruins all around the world. Lara’s appearance and backstory have dramatically evolved throughout the course of the series.

An announcement of a reboot in 2010 highlighted the character’s backstory. Lara’s appearance and outfit were also altered to be more useful and practical.

Many people credit her debut with fostering the inclusion of more female lead characters in video games.

Although Tomb Raider was created with the male gaze in mind, Croft managed to attract a female audience.

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