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How do blue light glasses protect from pandemic screen time?

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Do blue light glasses protect you from pandemic screen time?

Blue light glasses claim to filter or block the blue light emitted from your devices. But, is there any truth to these claims? Or are they just falsely promoted by the big eyewear companies? Is it another marketing trick to make us buy what we don’t need? Let’s break the curiosity. 

Before we jump to any conclusion, it’s important that we know what blue light is and why is it important that we protect our eyes from it.

What is blue light?

Blue light is visible light and has a wavelength between 400 and 525 nm. Even if the sunlight appears to be white, blue light is a part of it.

Having a short wavelength, blue light rays carry more energy than any other type of visible light in the colour light spectrum. Blue light is easily dispersed in the air which is why the sky appears to be blue to our eyes. 

While blue waves are helpful during the day to boost alertness and enhance reaction times, they are highly disruptive when coming off our devices. And the threat to our eyes increases when they are exposed to blue light at night. 

Natural blue light has been around the longest. But, technology has increased our blue light exposure. Whether we talk about LED bulbs or our digital screens, they all are the source of blue light. 

Are blue light glasses a smart choice?

Blue light glasses are true to their name and do protect your eyes from blue light. These glasses are coated with a special filter that effectively blocks the blue light coming from our screens.

While you don’t need them when doing other activities, these are the must-haves when spending screen time. Many companies promote blue light blocking glasses in the UK. They inform people about the harms of devices and how they deteriorate their eye health. 

People who wear these glasses have reported a significant decrease in the discomforts associated with screen time. Blue light glasses enhance your visual performance and cut down glare so your eyes don’t struggle when you are staring at a screen.

Benefits of blue light glasses

But, many of us don’t listen until the situation becomes too crazy to handle. Blue light cannot be handled by your normal prescription or reading glasses unless they are loaded with a blue light coating. 

If you want to protect your eyes from permanent damage, invest in a pair of good-quality blue light glasses. Within a few days of using them, you will feel the following benefits.

No eye strain

As we have established that blue light is scattered easily, it reduces the contrast, even more so when you are using a screen. As a result, your eyes have to put in more efforts to see the screen clearly. 

Eye strain is presented with different symptoms. While some people experience excruciating headaches, some feel visual symptoms such as blurred or double vision. But, you can be exempted from all these vicious symptoms when you wear blue light glasses. 

If your eyes are dry or you have light sensitivity, looking at digital screens without protective gear can damage your peepers. Wearing blue light glasses is the best way to ensure that you don’t run into a severe vision problem in future.

Better sleep

Blue light is proven to be disruptive of your sleep/wake cycle. It inhibits the production of a sleep hormone called melatonin. So, when you use your devices at night, the blue light interferes with this hormone and you don’t feel sleepy.

Blue light glasses block the blue waves and don’t let them mess with your circadian rhythm. They make sure that you have a sound sleep even if you’ve been using screens all day. 

If you don’t want to invest in a different pair of blue light glasses, you can get this coating added to your prescription glasses lenses. This way, you won’t have to swap between glasses when using devices.

No risk of eye conditions

When indulging in unprotected screen time for a prolonged period of time, you elevate your risk of severe eye conditions including cataracts and macular degeneration. 

Blue light lenses block this light from reaching your retina and thus prevent severe damage. Especially when you are over 40 and the natural functionality of your eyes decreases, you need to buy glasses online that not only magnify your field of vision but also protect you from blue light. 

The pandemic has led to massive growth in the number of digital users and the combined screen time spent globally. Therefore, blue light has become an even major concern that we just can’t turn a blind eye to it. Make sure you are wearing blue light glasses to minimise the impact of this harmful light on your eye health.

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