March 22, 2023

Everything which the developers must need to know about hashing algorithms

Everybody nowadays is working with the remotely multiple files being shared with different kinds of login attempts being made from different sources to the tools that we are using. Such activities are normally unavoidable and have become a necessity for business organisations to ensure that they will be functioning very smoothly. Hence, to make sure that security is given a great boost at every point throughout the process it is very much important for the organisation to make different kinds of decisions to ensure that success can be there. Entering the hashing algorithms is considered to be a fundamental component of cryptography that will help in making sure that the chopping of the data into smaller chunks and manageable pieces will be done which makes it very much difficult for the end-users to go back to the original text state. The hashing function is considered to be the algorithm that will help in generating a fixed-length result or hash value from a specific input data and it will be different from encryption which will help in converting the plain text to the encrypted text. On the other hand with the help of decryption, the conversion of the encrypted text back to the original can be carried out. But depending upon hashing algorithm is a good idea because in this week plain text will be converted into a hash of the text through the cryptographic hash information which makes it difficult for the hackers to make sense out of it. It will never provide a way to go back to the original text. So, if the organisations are interested to ensure password security then they will be making sure that overall goals will be easily achieved.

  Following are some of the most important points which make the hashing functions most ideal:

  1. It will behave as the one-way function: Sometimes it becomes very much impossible to go back to the original text after the implementation of this type of algorithm and if the individuals are interested to get a specific result then ideal hashing function will ensure that there will be no opportunity of initial inputs which will lead to the result.
  2. It will be utilising be have avalanche effect very well: This particular input will always help in providing a particular output but even with a very minor change in the input there can be a drastic change in the output. Hence, people need to be clear about this particular aspect of the hashing algorithm.
  3. These are very much fast in terms of computing: To further make sure that a particular hashing algorithm is perfect it is very much important for people to check out the speed of computing and getting results within seconds which should not be a problem if the function has been built very strongly.
  4. It should not have any kind of collision: The outputs of the two input parameters can never be the same and further it is very much important for people to have a look at the hash function output so that they can get things very clearly done.
  5. Such functions are deterministic: The output of one input parameter has to be the same irrespective of whether it will be checking the number of times using or not. This concept will always come in handy when multiple people need to be verified at different points in time.

 The working of the hashing algorithm in action has been explained as follows:

If a single person who is known as X wants to transfer the file to the other person who is known as Y. Without the hashing algorithm in place the X can confirm the contents to the receiver to check in person with Y. But that will be very much time-consuming and cumbersome which is the main reason that depending upon this concept is a good idea. If messaging is long then the file can be very much heavy or mail can contain multiple type’s formats and numbers of attachments associated with it. But on the other hand, going with the option of hashing algorithm X can generate a checksum for a specific file very easily and once the Y will receive the file of the checksum then he or she can perfectly utilise the hashing algorithm on the received file. This concept will always help in ensuring that the correct file will be sent by the centre to correct this even without any kind of problem throughout the process. 

  1. There are different types of hashing algorithms available in the industry for example message digest in which the password will be converted into a specific pattern with the help of this method and further it becomes very much simply easy to Google the hash value to get the original value. One can also depend upon the secure Hash algorithm family of algorithms which will make sure that nothing will be complicated and everything will be perfectly achieved without any kind of hassle.
  2. One can go with the option of using whirlpool because this will be a 512-bit hash function with the help of advanced level encryption standards.
  3. When can depend upon RIPEMD family of algorithms which will make sure that length will keep on increasing with subsequent versions and security coverage will also increase.
  4. People need to pay proper attention to the CRC32 as well because it is very well known for people to spread out different properties and is also supposed to be quicker sending file to smooth file transfers and validation.

 Hence, different kinds of versions algorithms are introduced in the market and further it is very much important for people to pay proper attention to everything so that things are always updated with the latest available technologies and organisations are successful in terms of taking complete advantage of the technology very easily. Everything in all such ways will help in making sure that hashing algorithm is successful in terms of fulfilling the basic purposes.

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