March 22, 2023

Covering Wounds with Human Placental Cells!

While everyone possesses primitive knowledge about the human placenta, not many know about its uses post-baby birth. Yes. You heard it right. There are uses of the human placenta even after childbirth. It gives a new shape to the wounds and helps restore health and self-confidence. The function of the placenta is to protect the growing baby inside the mother’s womb. It contains amniotic fluid that nourishes and provides cushion-like support to the foetus. However, you might be surprised to know that amnion cells can serve in wound healing for many.

Introduction of the Amchoplast Flo

It is an amphoteric and dehydrated powder containing two percent of human amnion chorion. It also has a significant concentration of polyhexamethylenebiguanide. This micronized mixture is rich with multipotent human stem cells in the dried particles of size, not more than four hundred microns. These stem cells can give rise to a wide variety of cell lineages including, skin cells, mucous cells, vascular cells, and many more. The presence of a broad spectrum anti-microbial agent makes it the safest option for the human body. It also enhances the net surface area for cell adhesion and induces cell proliferation on a large scale.

Some Properties of the Amchoplast Flo

Naturally Derived Substance– The amchoplast flo is a naturally derived compound as its source is from the human placenta. It also acts as a biological membrane barrier during its use in the tissue or wound healing procedure.

Rich in Healing Compounds– As the Amchoplastflo has human amniotic cells, they have an extensive network of the extracellular matrix. They contain human body compatible chemokines. The natural reserves of growth factors in such cells enhance the process of wound healing by promoting new cell generation.

Devoid of Adverse Effect– Our bodies tend to reject the entry of foreign molecules by producing antibodies against them. However, the amchoplastflo does not produce any immunogenic reaction and is bio-compatible in the body.

Damage Repair Properties- As the cells present in the placenta are mostly multipotent cells, the amchoplastflo also contains a considerable amount of such cells. They help in new cell growth and helps in healing the worn-out or injured cells. It also helps in reducing systemic inflammation in the wound area and initiates the wound healing process.

Some Features of the Amchoplast Flo

Sterility and Bioabsorbable Nature– The amchopalstflo undergoes a wide array of scrutiny before finding applications as a wound-healing substance. The utmost biocompatibility gives the measure of its quality. This product also maintains stringent sterile conditions during its preparation, making it a safe option.

Non-toxic and Irradiated– The amchoplastflo also undergoes a gamma irradiation procedure that helps in disinfecting any forms of viable bacterial or fungal spores. The single-step rehydration facility increases its shelf-life to a large extent.

Easy Storage– The product does not require any repetitive freezing and thawing procedure. You can store it easily at room temperature and use it for a long tenure.

Some Potential Uses of Amchoplast Flo

Chronic Wounds– The primary function of the amchoplastflo surrounds the genre of healing chronic wounds. Typically, a chronic wound does not respond to traditional treatment for a long time. The presence of underlying conditions like diabetes, vascular and blood issues make the situation worse. It is when the amchoplastflo comes to the rescue. They help in easy cell regeneration in such areas preventing further infection. It may also work wonders for infected and non-infected wounds or the areas that are difficult to reach. Some wounds can be difficult to treat, like diabetic foot ulcers. Lower foot epidermal injury, followed by unmanaged diabetes and insulin intake can cause complications. There are ulcer forms like pressure and venous ulcers, that might require human placental cells for wound healing.

Surgery Scares- Some surgeries may leave behind scars that last a lifetime. Traditional superficial interventions might not be able to cure the scars completely. It requires special attention that will give a new life to it by new cell regeneration. One can have the status of such scars back to where it was with the help of amchoplastflo. It also promotes tissue formation in the soft tissue scars and heals them within a stipulated time. The scars around the donor site do not heal easily. One can expect a tissue regrowth at the site with amchoplastflo.

Trauma Wounds– There are incidents of trauma that leave behind serious wounds. These wounds do not have an easy treatment. However, the amchoplastflo can help in such traumatic wounds to retain their initial form. The cuts, abrasions, lacerations, and even severe burn cases can get permanent solutions with human placental cells. The burns might affect the upper epidermal layer to a considerable degree that requires a permanent solution.

Amchoplastflo is a one-stop solution for all kinds of injuries and wounds that cannot regain their form with usual interventions. The easy-to-use and biocompatibility make it the safest option in treating complicated injuries.


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