March 21, 2023

Benefits of the Smart EV Charger

Electrification of transport will revolutionize the transportation industry. The smart EV charger will bring various benefits to consumers and businesses. It is rapidly gaining momentum and becoming popular globally. Many conglomerates and government policymakers are getting behind this technology and supporting the shift from conventional vehicles to electric vehicles. Electric cars will not only cut down the expenses and help save money for the consumers, but they will also help reduce the carbon footprint on the planet. The following are some major benefits of a smart charger:

1. Optimising Energy Consumption

A smart EV charger helps stabilise the operation in a balanced grid. While plugging in, it takes up as much energy as needed. It helps regulate the energy flow in terms of the peaks and lows of energy demand. Smart chargers communicate through data connections, which helps in effectively measuring and managing energy usage in real time. It provides benefits to not only the customers but also the businesses by avoiding power shortages. This is how companies can save billions on reinforcing grids and optimise the charging infrastructures to be more cost-effective for everyone.

2. Convenience to Businesses

Smart charging points can be linked to an online platform, where businesses can operate remotely. It allows them to monitor and measure the energy flow in real time and provides businesses with a convenience factor. With the increasing adoption of electric vehicles, now is the time for companies to adopt improvements in smart charging to fit the purpose of electric vehicles. Moreover, installing charging stations in the offices will increase the economic value in the long term for the building.

3. Affordable Charging of Vehicles

When an electric vehicle is plugged into a smart charger, its maximum energy utilisation is already set by the operators, which avoids overuse of energy. The EV owners can set the limit and rest assured that the energy will not be used more than the predetermined budget. The EV owners will have complete control of the energy usage, which they can monitor and measure remotely. Smart charging of vehicles will also ensure that they are charged safely, as the connection between the devices and the cars is automatically checked before charging begins.

4. Charging Faster and Safely

Charging vehicles with smart charging devices ensures the maximum usage of charging power. Smart chargers charge much faster in comparison to traditional charging devices. Smart charging is also considered the safest method of charging, as it checks the connection of the vehicle and device connection when plugged in. This safety can also be optimised through dynamic load management, ensuring increased safety. If there are several charging points in the same building, the charging event can be immediately solved, if need be, and it can be managed remotely.

5. Greener for the Planet

Finally, for EV owners concerned about the carbon footprint, powering electric vehicles through a smart EV charger is significantly cleaner for the planet. The EV owners can protect the environment by optimising the charging usage when electricity is at its cheapest, thereby saving costs.

Final Thoughts

As the world is moving towards renewable energy sources, the owners can have solar panels installed in their homes to align the charging of electric vehicles to renewable sources of energy. It is the need of the hour to reduce the usage of fossil fuels and move towards a more sustainable solution and save our planet. Invest in an electric vehicle and a smart charger to enjoy the whole gamut of benefits.

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Alison Lurie is a farmer of words in the field of creativity. She is an experienced independent content writer with a demonstrated history of working in the writing and editing industry. She is a multi-niche content chef who loves cooking new things.

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