March 22, 2023


The National Assessment Program: Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) is a national assessment conducted every year in May. The young Australians are evaluated in writing, mathematics, reading, and language conventions such as punctuation, spelling, and grammar. The NAPLAN results of a child can tell how much the child is learning at school. It can be beneficial to the parents. This program is undertaken for various reasons comprising public accountability for students, teachers, and educational institutions like schools.

Some online educational websites and apps provide NAPLAN tutoring in Australia. These online tutorials will get to know the child’s level in comparison to the national standards. It will help them determine areas of the field in which the student has to improve. They will also design a learning plan for the children to fix those problematic areas. Some of the advantages offered by such tutorials are mentioned below.

  1.   Tool to enhance teaching

Preparation is an integral part of undergoing assessment. Tutorials serve the function of providing essential data that enables student improvement. They help by preparing the students for NAPLAN assessment, by which their progress can be evaluated. This assessment serves the purpose of a diagnostic tool for students. It allows identifying issues faced by the student over time and a way for estimating potential solutions. The students in 3,5,7,9 years sit for these assessments every year. It is to ensure that they are not lagging in numeracy and literacy. The test results are a crucial tool for parents to understand their child’s skills in numeracy and literacy. The results also help the NAPLAN tutoring to improve the student’s performance in the future.

  1.   Transparency

The test results in numeracy and literacy are made transparent at different levels like school, territory, state, and national. For instance, if a specific state is not performing well, it is made evident that all Australians get the same knowledge. Parents will be able to see whether their children are developing against a national benchmark. It allows them to make decisions or choices regarding the education of their child. If individual students are underperforming, parents have access to information revealing the actual case.

  1.   Accountability

NAPLAN testing enables its accountability to the Australian government, curriculum boards, education system, and teaching staff. Given that the significance of schooling is widely recognized and the annual cost to the entire school system’s taxpayer is billions of dollars, the state and federal government must be held accountable for the outcomes of their education policies. In the same way, it is crucial that the private schools are held responsible for their results in numeracy and literacy. It is because parents and taxpayers make critical financial investments. It is also to make sure that all students in Australia undergo a valuable education that offers beneficial results for them.

Without NAPLAN assessment, there will be no standardized data to evaluate numeracy and literacy skills worldwide in a way that particularly holds both schools and governments accountable for their results. The responsible authorities should answer questions on how much money they have spent and why their results or outcomes have not progressed if they have been putting in more money. This system has been followed in Australia for the past ten years. Also, the money spent by the government on each student has raised by over 10%.

It is the reason why NAPLAN tutoring is significant. It allows the tutorial websites to compare peer results, which discovers areas that require improvising and enhancing within the system. In addition, it identifies weaknesses and strengths that need attention.

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