March 22, 2023

5 Basic Qualities to Be a Great Speaker

If you have heard it before, ‘great public speakers are not born, they are made, it’s true. Nobody is perfect and prepared for public speaking, nor do they possess the skill at the beginning of a public speaking journey/career. The art of public speaking is beyond PPT and reading from cue cards. 

5 Basic Qualities to Be a Great Speaker

If you have the passion and mentality to learn and adapt, you can be a public speaker. Many institutions and organizations invite guest speakers for their functions/events. The selection of a public speaker should be done carefully and keeping a checklist of some qualities in mind.

The five qualities to look for in a public speaker are:

  • Confidence

Well, isn’t it everything? A public speaker without confidence is nothing. A public speaker who can handle the crowd with confidence and has a charismatic appearance and behaviour is what everybody likes. It is ok to be nervous but excel in public speaking; one has to go beyond her/his insecurities.

  • Passion

Who wants to do things they don’t like all the time. You can see people doing jobs they don’t like as they have no other option. A public speaker who does the job for just the money will be not that passionate to do the task. Talking to people is not a job; you are creating a connection and exchanging feelings with them. Skills do work, but raising your tone of voice, perfect sentences, and all can’t replace the passion one shows while speaking. Many can recognize the passion in you when they see you perform.

You cannot fake passion and love when doing something, be as genuine as possible and take the job as a service to society. Be a person who provides knowledge, hope and dreams to the audience.

  • Personality

Always be the person you are and not what you want to be. It is alright to aspire to be someone whom you idolize, but don’t copy them. Have your style, and if you don’t, create one. Never be like someone that you want or what people want. Many follow the styles and copy everything from other famous personalities and regret it later.

Not just the speeches and mannerism, the website and content you create and put on social media should be unique and represent what you are and not a copy-paste.

  • Self-Awareness and Introspection

The first thing a public speaker must understand is his/her strengths and weaknesses. Try to improve your strengths and minimize the weaknesses. Realize where you lack the qualities and work on it. Avoiding the flaws is not at all a good thing to do. Minimize that weakness or embrace it with confidence, and rest will come along. Be confident in what you are and work on what you want to be in future, and the rest will be fine.

  • Audience Engagement

Try to connect with your audience as much as possible after a brief time. The beginning should be your introduction, the topic you will talk about, and the question you want to ask.

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Engaging the audience will keep them from getting distracted from everything else.

The guest speakers can have a blast during their on stage or virtual speech if they keep these things in mind. Prepare yourself for the best speech you can give to your audience every time you go to an event.

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